Great Unwashed Ep. 1: What is Operation Sea-Spray?

Did you know that between 1949 and 1969, the US Army conducted 239 bacterial warfare tests in various cities across the country?

No – this isn't just another false conspiracy.

Watch our first episode of Great Unwashed to learn about the declassified Operation Sea-Spray.

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Transcript of the Trial
"Biological Testing Involving Human Subjects by the Department of Defense, 1977"

The Washington Post Article
"Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests"

Washinton Monthly
"Operation Bacterium"

The Wall Street Journal
"Of Microbes and Mock Attacks: Years Ago, The Military Sprayed Germs on U.S. Cities"

The Seattle Times
"From dart guns to germ aerosols, U.S. Army researched biowarfare"

Arms Control Association
"The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) At A Glance"

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